Our History

Since 1998 CHR Cerâmica Técnica manufactures ceramic tubes for various applications, such as steel, petrochemicals, chemicals and ceramics. The company is established in the city of São Carlos considered an important technology hub of the country. The entire region offers different companies and major universities, which contribute and assist in product development.

Products & Materials

Burner Tubes

Thermocouple Protection Tubes

Tubular Support for Electrical Heating Elements

Combustion Tubes

Ignition Tubes

Furnace Muffles and Ceramic Pins and Rods


The raw materials and the processes adopted for the manufacture of the parts retain their properties, including dimensional stability, impermeability and resistance. According to the requirements for its useparts the products can be made in high alumina or mullite. In case of alumina thermocouple protection tubes the products are chemically more resistant, harder, stronger and more refractory than the mullite tubes. Its typical uses are: noble metal thermocouple protection, furnace tubes, high temperature vacuum furnaces, radiant tubes, laser tubes, abrasives and corrosive environments, electrical insulations applications. They are recommended for use with platinum, tungsten and molybdenum thermocouples. In the case of the mullite products they can be used in insulators, in furnace muffles, combustion tubes, radiant furnace tubes. Materials and processes used to manufacture these pieces give high resistance to atrition, thermal shock, corrosion, maintaining good electrical insulation, wearing and abrasive resistance, and support high temperatures and harsh environments.

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We delivery our products for all the world via Brazilian Correios, EMS, Fedex, DHL, UPS and TNT. Contact us for delivery options details!

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